Red-cowled Widowbird
Euplectes laticauda suahelicus
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The red-cowled widowbird was formerly considered conspecific with the red-collared widowbird (Euplectes ardens). The split is based on the substantial difference in plumage and the tail lengths of males in breeding plumage. The upper two breeding males were seen in Madunga Village at the edge of the Nou Forest (3-18); the 3rd row male, Simba Farm-West Kilimanjaro (5-12); left 4th row, Arusha (6-06), courtesy Anabel Harries; right 4th row, Ngorongoro (10-07); and the bottom moulting birds, both Arusha NP (4-08 & 12-19), courtesy of Frank Snykers (left) and Alex Rees.

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