Village Indigobird
Vidua chalybeata
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All races of the village indigobird have a blue-black sheen, brown or dusky wings and pink/red feet. The widespread race centralis has a white bill sometimes with a pink tinge. The coastal race amauropteryx has a pink/red bill. The upper and right 5th row males was seen at Lake Eyasi and Budongo Forest-Uganda, courtesy of Karine Van der Vurst. The 2nd row male (Usa River) is courtesy of Per Holmen. The immature was at Kibungo-Rwanda, courtesy of Jason Anderson. The 6th row photos, taken at Emayani and Mbamba Bay, are coastal race amauropteryx. The others were seen at Oljoro, Seronera and Engutukoiti: click the lower photo to see enlargements including juveniles, immatures and a female.
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