Southern Ground-Hornbill
Bucovorus leadbeateri
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The lower four photos show a southern ground-hornbill feeding insects to chicks in a nest in the hollow top of a broken palm tree trunk. The enlargements include feeding of young in a cavity nest. Most of the other photos show birds in bushed or wooded grassland which is their preferred habitat. The adult male has red facial skin and a small "notch" on the top of the bill near the base; the female has a blue throat patch, sometimes easily seen (see slideshow photos #32 & 33), sometimes speckled or inconspicuous; immatures have yellow facial skin. Note slideshow photos 2-7 which show a "dancing" or bonding behaviour. These photos were taken in Tarangire NP, Lake Manyara NP, Okavango delta and the Serengeti. Click the photo above to see the enlargements.

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